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Guild 3 Standard and Aristocratic Edition now Available to preorder!

Packshot Guild 3 Standard Edition
Packshot Guild 3 Aristocratic Edition Mockup Guild 3

The Guild 3

A unique mixture of economic simulation, strategy game, historical life simulation and role playing game in 3D!


  • Huge Replay-Value: AI and random global events ensure that each scenario and game look, feel and play differently.
  • Character/Dynasty Evolution: A complex tree of skills, professions, actions and bonuses waiting to be unlocked.
  • Multiplayer with up to 16 Players: An Integrated Multiplayer mode enables you to connect with other The Guild 3 players regardless of where the game was purchased.
  • Editor: Create and share scenarios with the community, so players can choose from an ever-growing library.

For more information about the features, visit: http://theguildgame.com